Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspired by How To Train Your Dragon

What I wouldn't do for a dragon right now. A Night Fury would do me nicely thank you. I have seen this movie twice now, once in normal-D once in 3D. Honestly, I preferred it in 3d. Except I need to get a custom pair of 3D glasses made.

Reasons I love this movie:
The character and dragon designs.
The dragons are just like big spiky kitties.
The Night Fury makes the coolest sound when powering up.The soundtrack.
The concept art.

I can't wait to get my hands on the "Art of" book. There is a fantastic video with a large sample of images from the book on this blog here.
Or check out the reviews on Amazon.
Some part of me deep down still believes I will get a real dragon but for now the only outlet I have is drawing. Drawing dragons is ridiculous amounts of fun. My art inspired by the How to Train Your Dragon concept art:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Decoden DS

After spending time with Violet LeBeaux as always I was in the mood for some cute, pink, shiny arts and crafts!

I bought the cases on special at Target and found most of the pieces from 2 dollar stores and craft stores. I used the glue that came with a set of fake nails. Probably took me about 2 hours to complete but most of that time was figuring out the look! I also made the beaded keychain attached to the case. View more pictures of keychains.

Monday, April 19, 2010

scatter brain

My mind is a bit full.
Mother is stuck in London because of a volcano whose name I can't even pronounce. I could mash the keyboard and people will think I'm fluent in Icelandic.
The universe keeps shouting things at me and it's all up in my grill and I'm going to do my best but first I just need a really good nights sleep.
Did I say sleep, I meant dragon. I NEED a dragon.
YES universe, I am listening but shhh I'm trying to write a blog.

I've been trying to nail down a character design but I change her every time I draw her. I ended up giving up and just drew her as part of a completed picture to extrapolate the character design from there which worked out very well. I'll save that one for my finished folio.

Mary Blair inspired bird painting. I think I'll post it to my grandma.