Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sailor Bows and Serious Cats

I finally made some more bows. I'm so slow at making them. I get distracted half way through and spend too much time thinking about how to make every single one different. I think once I get to 20 bows I will sell them all on Etsy. This fabric is from the lovely Violet LeBeaux, who is stupid and moving to Melbourne.
Sailor Bows
I'm also going to make a few more leopard bows. When I'm sewing them I keep saying to myself "Bigger! It's got to be bigger!" This one is as big as my face.
Leopard Bow

So many possibilities.
Fabric Everywhere
These cat stickers are a gift from my sister from her trip to Japan. I love the way they look so serious about their balls of yarn. The text roughly translates to Cat's Letter Seal.
Serious Cats

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  1. So cute! They turned out so well :D Also I'm not stupid, in fact I've devised a very cunning plan to kidnap you in a suitcase and take you to Melbourne. I could let you out in the car but I think it would be less hassle to leave you in the suitcase :P