Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Life.

When I struggle for words I tend to write journal entries as stories.

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to do EVERYTHING. But in trying to do everything it really felt more like doing nothing. She enjoyed studying Japanese, sewing, crafts, drawing, dancing in the Valley but none of it amounted to very much. Especially not the dancing.

So one day, she consulted the oracles. They weren't sure what she should do either but they do often give good advice and always offer a free meal. A plan was now in place.

She had come to realise art and animation are what made her happiest. Just the thought of them filled that empty feeling inside a little bit. And she knew that she must at least try to devote her life to it and make a career out of it. You'd think having already done an animation degree that the answer was obvious all along but life just doesn't work like that.

Four weeks later and things were still going well. There are so many wonderful resources to study from and art classes are definitely in the cards. Sometimes her motivation wavered but it's just another challenge. And there's such a long way to go yet, the rest of her life in fact.

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  1. I always say "if it makes you happy...do it!" So good luck to you on your journey :)