Thursday, October 8, 2009

I heart Kitties, Pickles and Chocolate Soy Milk

If code could be run in real life this program would determine whether or not I was happy.
Don't look at me I'm not a coder I'm an artist. My friend wrote this years ago and I only just rediscovered it.

enum HowManyPickles{PKLS_NONE=0, PKLS_LOTS};

bool susie=true;
int kitties=2;
HowManyPickles pickles=PKLS_LOTS;
bool lush=true;

bool susieHappy=false;

if(susie && kitties && pickles && lush)

std::cout << "Happy" << std::endl;

Lush is the old name for Vitasoy Chocolate Soy Milk.

I'm currently reading the biography of Shakespeare by Bill Bryson. I never realised just how little we know about Shakespeare, and most of what we THINK we know turns out to be made up by various biographers romanticising his life. I'm so used to having information about the entire world at my fingertips I find it disconcerting to be told that we don't really know anything about him and we NEVER WILL.

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