Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Op Shop Dress Modifications

Until I can learn to fashion a digital SLR out of a $6 dress, the following photos will have to suffice.

I wanted super cute dresses for summer but my spending budget is about $0. Even the ugly dresses at Big W were still $40. So I hit the shops, the Op-Shops. I picked this first dress up for $6. I got a little excited and cut it all up before taking a "before" shot. I have instead created this artist's impression.

On finishing the dress I immediately went out and bought another particularly ordinary dress for just $10. I fell in love with the fabric. I couldn't leave it in the shop without regreting it for the rest of my life.

oh look why is she holding that grey brick thing? oh wait nevermind that's her camera.

1 comment:

  1. XD grey brick thing. I love the modifications you made! So freaking adorable. I would have walked right past both of those dresses but I love what you did with them :D