Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I posted a while ago about my friend's fashion label and thought it deserved an update!

Hayley is still a fashion student but is already working hard with her label Sparkletramp.

Visit her blog here.
Become facebook friends with Sparkletramp here.

We did another photo shoot before Christmas, Hayley wielding the camera, me posing like an idiot and then editing the pics in photoshop.

Huge amounts of fun be I struggled to get my hair big enough! I wore this ruffle one last week for Hayley at Brisbane Threaded. A kind of young designer's night

A before and after photoshopping. Even half-decent lighting at the actual shoot makes it so much easier to photoshop.

This is the bath sponge that is actually inside my hair. I've got a clip-in white streak in my hair but I like it so much I'm considering getting a real one.

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